Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jasmineashleysalon blahblahblah

So, I've written, spoken, and "only"breathed my first and middle name for the last 2 months!! I feel like I'm in trouble. Like I'm 5years old. "JASMINEASHLEY!!"in my grandmothers voice.. I am constantly going, in my mind, my mouth, my feet! I have signed up for the ride of my life... I'm now mAking regular trips to the Thai massage woman. Soon her and I will b full on dating. Her name is "beet" pronounced bee-ya. I love her!! Lol..shes how I can still cut hair and do a mean head of extensions! Wowwww life! Destinee and I, the team better know as "Samesame" are banging and bumpin heads in the name of love.. Hahaha we are building what will be an empire! It is by no mistake that it is us. There's never a dull moment, I'm now permanently sleepy! The feeling I get as I stare on to Wilshire Blvd... Oh, sleepy! No.. Just Kidding. Dreams are being realized and so are muscle spasms. As a matter of fact, im going to bed now.I'm currently putting together a look and learn cutting class called "be jazzed, unlearn!" I'm so looking forward to sharing what I love and having my peers be apart of the evolution! Catch you guys next time... I'm sure I'll be ranting about my kid or my dog.. But always JasmineAshleySalon!! Peace, Jazz

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