Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sleep deprived and hungry, my life is beautiful!

Ok so I'm doing a life changing cleanse!!! Truly grateful!!! Effin hungry, all day though! My kid is 14, and a girl! Needless to say I'm goin nuts!! Dwp decided to turn the water off in the whole building my salon is connected to... Really?!?! I'm bloated.. And sleepy! My life is beautiful!!! My flip camera wont charge. I have a brand new baby to see thts all the way on the east coast! My life is beautiful!!! I'm putting the oh so brilliant finishing touches on the salon.. I've only got everything to buy!! My life is beautiful!! There's so many more wonderful things I would love to share.. But I must go! Soon it will be time to eat again, and pick up the 14 year old girl(who's quite amazing)! Until later peeps... My life is beautiful!

Did I mention that one if the supplements makes me sleepy!!

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