Monday, January 17, 2011

Just a mom, opening a salon!!!!!

Okay, so slightly going crazy at this point!! Lol.. Nah! My daughter wants vintage shopping. I want her to grow down!! It's all happening too fast. Over night my baby is not a baby! I'm opening my first salon. I'm super excited about it though! I'm getting all kinds of strange advice from random people,just like when I was pregnant. Everyone has at least three things to say.. Noooo, the "others" that already live in my head are enough!!! Should go buy "life" bandaids now for all the bumps and bruises! However, with all that craziness I'm gonna rise to this occasion and like always, come out on top! Top top!! I'm riding on wings that are not my own! I'm being carried by my shoulder, listener, counselor, and pillar!!!! We cannot fail... Take a ride with me on this journey to greatness! Bring an umbrella. Cuz when it rains, it pours!!! U ready to get wet.... Lol Wear art naked!! jasmineAshleySalon.......

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  1. im interested to know more.. please email me ur contact info .. i look forward to hearing from you soon!! Ciao!